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Saturday Night Activity: Watch The Entirety of Star Wars: A New Hope, Made By Fans

And Fansplosions Abound

Star Wars Uncut is a project embarked upon by one Casey Pugh, who decided to use the internet to make something fun and new. Not uncommon. He split Star Wars: A New Hope into a few hundred 15-second clips, and allowed Vimeo users to claim a clip, re-film it in any way they liked (costumes, animation, LEGO stop motion, action figure stop motion, floating slices of pizza, anything), and submit it back to the site. The most popular clips would be compiled into the final film, which was ready for viewing more than a year ago. It has only recently come to the point where it can be legally streamed on YouTube, however, so we suggest you venture forth, and find out for yourself if Han shot first in this version.

(via Geekosystem.)

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