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Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine Lets You Wield a Lightsaber in Virtual Reality With HTC Vive


Until someone invents a lightsaber—I’m sure it’s high on the to-do lists of scientists—we will all wander from video game to video game, searching for that perfect approximation of what it would feel like to actually wield one. With the virtual reality renaissance finally upon us, it appears that game is finally here.

Above, you can watch the trailer for Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine from Industrial Light & Magic’s ILM Experience Lab, but to play it, you’ll need an HTC Vive virtual reality setup and a lot of luck, because they’re calling it an “experiment,” and the public may never get their hands on it. CNET senior editor Sean Hollister did, though, saying,

The Falcon felt so real for a moment that I tripped over my VR umbilical cord when trying to back away, yanking the headset clean off my face. The only thing better was the pitch-perfect blue lightsaber, humming away in my hand. It felt powerful, like a living thing and yet simultaneously like an extension of my body. Just how my childhood self used to imagine it.

Hollister likened the whole experience to an amusement park ride, and it’s likely that we all will get to play with some version of this “experiment” in the future as VR takes off, even if we have to leave our homes to do so.

(via CBR)

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