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Stalk Market Graph Generator Makes Charting Animal Crossing Turnip Prices Ridiculously Cute

Of course, it won't tell you where to find Joan in your town. That's still on you.

stalk market

The Stalk Market isn’t as complicated as any actual stock market, of course, but that doesn’t make it any less a source of derision and frustration for some Animal Crossing: New Leaf fans. Now with this handy chart creator by Devon Baumgarten, you can track the turnip prices in your fictional town with ease. Just don’t get so excited about tracking the prices that you forget and let them die! Stupid perishable currency.

There are 7 points of data that you can plug in for the week to chart the prices of each day’s turnips. Will charting turnip prices uncover some hidden way that the rate of exchange is calculated over time, or is it a totally random number drop? No idea, but it could help you track the four already-known pricing patterns and figure out just the  right time to sell your stalks.

UPDATE: The above implies that the turnip prices change only once per day. Not so, according to chart creator Devon Baumgarten:

Even if it doesn’t, you can’t deny that it makes for really adorable data-collecting. The points are made of little turnips! Squee!

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