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Democratic Congressional Rep Trolls Trump With “STABLE GENIUS” Act

Donald Trump has made a lot of noise about how Democrats can’t do anything but obstruct his often genuinely terrible policies, as though they’ve really had a lot of power to do so with Republicans pushing bills through on simple majority votes. It turns out, however, that there is an alternative option. No, it’s not compromise. It’s trolling.

The latest in a line of pointedly named laws introduced by Democrats—including a MARALAGO bill aimed at obtaining Trump’s visitor logs—takes aim at Trump’s recent insistence that he’s “like, really smart” and a “very stable genius” in a perfect display of his level of poise in reaction to a book about, in part, how everyone in his inner circle thinks he’s definitely not either of those things.

The new law, proposed in the U.S. House of Representatives by Pennsylvania Rep. Brendan Boyle, aims to make sure that the public is aware of the physical and mental state of the candidates they’re considering for the highest office in our government.

Its name? STABLE GENIUS, which is an acronym for “Standardizing Testing and Accountability Before Large Elections Giving Electors Necessary Information for Unobstructed Selection,” and passive-aggressive for “Donald Trump has no f*cking idea what he’s doing.”

Officially, the purpose of the law is to make future presidential nominees submit to a medical exam administered by the Secretary of the Navy and file the results with the Federal Election Commission. Boyle says the law is intended to “ensure a situation like this does not arise again,” according to CBS News, although it’s unclear whether the scope of such an exam would include the many, many problems with electing Donald Trump. Unofficially, the law is intended to irritate Donald Trump by attacking his famously fragile ego, at which it has a much better shot.

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