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The Sriracha Situation Gets Worse, Company Stops Shipments Because of New Regulations

We just want everything to be spicy and delicious. Is that so much to ask?


Sriracha maker Huy Fong Foods just can’t catch a break. First they’re ordered to halt production for bothering neighbors with irritating aromas, and now as California enforces stricter health laws, they can’t even ship the Sriracha they have on hand until at least mid-January. It might be time to start panicking.

We’ve been hesitant to buy into the hysteria around the possibility of a world without Sriracha, but now we’re wondering if we should begin stocking up and rationing the supplies we have on hand.

The reason for the hold is that new guidelines from the California Department of Public Health say holding the sauces, which are ground from fresh ingredients and not cooked, for 30 days will mean they’re safe from any contaminants.

Considering the recent legal trouble Huy Fong has had with neighbors over complaints that the smell coming from the plant was causing health problems and being a general nuisance, the timing for this delay couldn’t be worse.

With any luck, the 30-day hold will be the last of Huy Fong’s problems, but with how their luck’s been going so far we’re not willing to bet on it.

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