Emile, Damian, and Ewen on the left holding cards for Episode 4, Season 2 of Spy x Family. Anya in Damian's rose-tinted perspective from the same episode on the right.

‘Spy x Family’ Has Fans Gushing Over Anya and Damian Once Again

Spy x Family is a wholesome anime that features the found (and fake) family trope. But the anime, warmly received upon its return to Crunchyroll this fall, had fans gushing over the fourth episode of season 2.

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Everybody was reminded of how cute young love is. Many probably wished at that moment that their crushes and significant others would look at them with rose-tinted glasses the same way Damian looks at Anya.

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**Spoilers ahead for Spy x Family season 2, episode 4**

In “Episode 4/Mission 29: The Pastry of Knowledge,” Damian, Emile, Ewen, Anya, and Becky battle it out over legendary macarons that allegedly turn anybody who eats them into an Imperial Scholar. Anya, who’s not doing too well academically, used her telepathy to win a card game against Damian and his friends in the first round. She was accused by Damian of being a mind-reader due to her flawless win, which prompted her to fake her mistakes for the next round.

For a mind reader, she was blissfully unaware that Damian was looking at her with a shojo anime filter. Even if Damian knew that taking a certain card would make him lose, he drew the card and gave Anya the win because he couldn’t stand to see her cry. Damian isn’t good with words either and is in denial of his true feelings for Anya. He sulked in a corner after losing the game, but Anya approached him and asked him if he wanted to split the macaron instead. After much hesitation (and more denial), he agreed.

If Anya and Damian’s adorable interaction wasn’t the talk among fans, it was Anya’s memeable facial expressions during the episode. Damian might see her as the prettiest girl to ever grace Eden Academy, but to many fans, Anya is a menacing meme.

Memes and ships aside, Spy x Family season 2, episode 4 may have also revealed something about Anya’s mysterious past after Loid made a passing comment that raised eyebrows. After eating the macaron and being fuelled by it during the exams, Anya still got poor grades. Loid analyzed what Anya’s mistakes were in the Classical Language Test, and he made a mental note that she would’ve gotten high marks if not for her spelling. Loid also thought that since the languages were no longer spoken, Anya’s knowledge of them was unusual.

For now, it’s safer to assume that Anya’s really just a smart girl for her age—but it’s also possible for her to have learned classical languages through more abnormal means.

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