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This Date Goes Horribly Wrong, Then Right Again Thanks to the Sony Xperia

Generally speaking, tossing your date's smartphone into a fountain is considered a deal breaker.

There’s a lot to worry about on a date. How do I look? Does this person think I’m interesting? Will they chuck my smartphone into a fountain? The Sony Xperia can help — at least with that last one. It’s not afraid to stand up to a little water, so when accidents happen you can go right back to smooshing ice cream in someone’s face.

We’ve become really attached to our phones, so it’s not hard to imagine a budding romance being snuffed out when your date straight up destroys the thing. Wouldn’t it be helpful to know that your phone — and your love life — could stand up to few inches of water?

Think of all those romantic scenes in movies with couples running through the rain. That could be you if you didn’t have to worry about your phone drowning. The Xperia doesn’t if care you go running through the rain. It’s just romantic like that.

Learn more about the Sony Xperia on their website.

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