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‘Splatoon 3’ Finally Has a Release Date!

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Earlier this week, Nintendo issued a surprise announcement about Xenoblade Chronicles 3. The much-awaited JRPG, which was previously slated for September, has been moved up to July. This surprised basically everyone, especially in a world dominated by COVID-related delays. But now we know the reason behind Xenoblade‘s new release schedule. Splatoon 3, which was previously slated for “summer 2022,” has been moved back to September. In other words: it’s an ol’ switcheroo.

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Nintendo included the announcement at the tail end of a new trailer for the game, which shows the entirety of a multiplayer Turf War match. For eagle-eyed returning fans of Nintendo’s take on a first-person shooter, the trailer slickly showcased new specials, camera features, new customizations, and respawn mechanics. For those of us who have merely watched friends play and rave about Splatoon 2 (which … guilty), it simply looks very fun.

The tail-end of the trailer says that Splatoon 3 will arrive on September 9, 2022. I was honestly surprised that Nintendo revealed this highly-anticipated information quietly, at the end of a gameplay trailer. I was expecting it to accompany a new cinematic trailer that shows more details about the game’s still-mysterious setting. After all, the upside-down, desert-surrounded Eiffel Tower in the announcement trailer still has me shook. Another surprise is that Nintendo didn’t have a mini-Direct to headline this announcement alongside Xenoblade Chronicles 3′s revised release date. On the other hand, they’re freakin’ Nintendo. The news will get around.

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