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Spider-Man Balances out All the Brooding in New Captain America: Civil War Footage

Does whatever comic relief can.


Civil War, both the movie and the source material it’s drawn from, necessarily gets a bit heavy just from the subject matter of Earth’s mightiest heroes turning on each other, but this is still Marvel we’re talking about. The expanded cast of this Captain America outing is helping to keep things light, as demonstrated in this new clip of Spider-Man joining in the battle.

We’ve heard in the past that our bug-themed heroes, who are a bit outside the central conflict in the story, would help lighten things up, and things certainly seem to be shaping up that way based on this and that clip of Ant-Man having a fanboy moment when meeting Team Cap. As strange as it was to see Marvel’s movie universe shape up without the web-head, introducing him at this point with a fresh perspective is kind of perfect for his personality—and for making sure a movie about a bunch of heroes turning on each other is still fun.

It seems to be working, too, as early critical reaction looks pretty promising with just over a week to go before the movie’s opening.


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