These Thor-Themed Clothes Are Perfect for Ragnarok and Cold Weather

Plus bonus Star Trek.
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We are so close to the opening of Thor: Ragnarok that we can practically taste it, but what to wear to the theater? ThinkGeek teamed up with Marvel for a line of “streetwear” that includes several cozy layers that will allow you to pay proper homage to the God of Thunder.

I love nothing as much as geek-minded clothing that’s also comfortable and practical to wear, so I was excited to hear about these offerings. While I don’t think the Star-Lord hockey jersey is for me—or the Peter Parker henley that’s billed as “casual day at the Daily Bugle,” the Thor items caught my eye, especially because the first two because have lady models rocking the looks. It’s really nice to see merch made officially for a massive superhero movie that’s created with women in mind as the primary audience and not as a secondary “oh, look, you can get a ‘women’s cut,’ too.” (There’s also nothing keeping all of these from being unisex!)

First there’s the Asgard Twill Ladies’ Jacket, which has a casual fandom look from the front:

The real magic of this jacket, however, is on the back:

Right. Who remembers “The Mighty Thor”? Not the 2015 reboot. The 1960s cartoon. Anybody? It was a super-cheesy segment of The Marvel Super Heroes. We’re bringing it up now because the image on the back of this Asgard Twill Ladies’ Jacket reminds us a bit of it. It’s as if that 60s cartoon was mashed up with a NASA mission patch design and The Wizard of Oz. Only, of course, our Yellow Brick Road is the Bifröst Bridge, and Kansas will not be involved (although Oklahoma might).

Then there’s the Worthy of Mjölnir Lace-Up Ladies’ Hoodie, whose lace-up sides let you feel just a little Asgardian:

This charcoal heather soft hooded pullover with raglan sleeves is super comfy and also shows everybody whose closet is truly Worthy. (By the way, if you reach into your closet for this jacket one day and you can’t lift the hanger? Best go back to bed. It’s not going to be a good day.)

I also really liked the Thor Hammer Hoodie, which looks extra-cozy and the coloring of which makes its fandom designs almost secondary, so you might be able to sneak this one into work (until you turn around. Then it’s just a really awesome sweatshirt):

Thor’s emblem is printed on the chest of this slate blue full-zip hoodie, and the word “MIGHTY” is printed in white ink on the back over an image of Thor superimposed on Mjölnir. In terms of apparel, it’s pretty epic, and definitely less complicated to carry around than a hammer of any description.

The last piece from this collection that felt appropriately intergalactic was this Galactic Guardians of the Galaxy Dress. It’s not exactly cold-weather gear like the ones above, but maybe you live somewhere warm or are a master at layering? This one’s also a contender for Ragnarok-viewing, because the spirit’s there:

Inject a pop of that new, bold MCU color into your closet with this Galactic Guardians of the Galaxy Dress. Practical with its side pockets, this stretchy tank dress uses a sublimation process to achieve a vibrant 360° nebula design. (That was “nebula” with a lowercase “n” we’ll point out.) And the front chest sports a gold foil version of the Guardians insignia with that nougaty Nova Corps center and the names of our main five around the edge.

Since we’re already in space, I also can’t resist throwing in these Star Trek The Next Generation varsity jacket hoodies because I just saw them on the ThinkGeek site and sort of pawed at my screen. Listen, I don’t think Thor would mind if we also showed up to the theater in these.

Choose Blue (Science), Red (Command), or Gold (Operations). Each has a chenille combadge patch on the chest and Starfleet written across the shoulders, plus a Starfleet Command patch on the right sleeve.

Literally have always wanted to have “Starfleet” across the back of my jacket instead of a sports team. I always thought I’d go Science blue, but here I think Ops gold is for me. What about you?

(via ThinkGeek, images: ThinkGeek)

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