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Here’s What You Missed From Sony’s E3 Press Conference

Mostly lots of dudes, shooting, and explosions.


Sony and Microsoft went all out on showing games this year, so if you missed Sony’s show last night, I’ll help you catch up on what you might not have seen. Sony’s show clocked in at just under two hours, so I’ll give you the abridged version of the boring parts to keep things moving.

Sony led off with Destiny, which was a pretty classic slap in the face to Microsoft, who no longer have Bungie to lean on when they need a system-selling game. The game looked fairly pretty, as usual, and Sony was happy to point out that it will have exclusive content on the PS4 to murmurs from the crowd. Oh, and it’s getting its own bundle with a white PS4 on September 9th, 2014 when the game releases. (At least one of the games we saw is coming in 2014.)

They also showed off Bloodborne:

And gave us a more friendly tone shift with Little Big Planet 3 for PS4. Take a look at the trailer and release date and then some gameplay below:

There were trailers for Dead Island 2Let It Die, and Infamous: First Light:

We got a tantalizingly brief mention of a remastered Grim Fandango coming to PS4 and Vita, but that’s all we know about it so far.

There was also an indie showcase in there somewhere that revealed a game that is actually called Broforce and looks like a Contra-type shooter, which sounds hilarious.

Then, we saw No Man’s Sky, and everyone’s jaws dropped. The game is so pretty to look at I could imagine just exploring it forever to see what you can see. Its bright colors and exploration oriented feel were a nice change of pace from a lot of what we’ve seen at E3 so far, too.

I legitimately thought they might end the conference on that note of hit us with one more big reveal, because No Man’s Sky left that big of an impression. Unfortunately, that was the point at which Sony decided to dive into their non-game offerings and extra hardware doohickeys and bore us all to tears for about thirty-five minutes.

They talked about their PlayStation TV coming to the U.S. and Canada, the Ratchet and Clank movie, the series Powers that will be available on PSN (which should actually be good, but man was I not in the mood for a 2 hour E3 conference to tell us that). They also very quickly mentioned that Project Morpheus (Sony’s VR headset) will have two game demos on the E3 show floor, but they clearly had no intention of trying to demonstrate it on stage. Due to the personal nature of VR, that’s probably for the best.

Then, we got the Metal Gear Solid V trailer, Mortal Kombat X gameplay, and a potentially spoilery The Last of Us remastered trailer to get the games going again:

There was also a long look at gameplay from Arkham Knight with an incredibly huge Gotham city and lots of Batmobile. They had my attention again with this one. This game looks awesome.

And then, of course, they finished with one last big announcement, which was Uncharted 4 on PlayStation 4. Take a look at the insane visuals in the trailer:

Overall, between Microsoft and Sony, I’d say Sony was the winner for me again this year. Microsoft returned strong from the way they mishandled the Xbox One and last year’s E3, but Sony had a stronger lineup of games to show that I was genuinely interested in. Although, they lost points with all of the boring stuff in the middle, so it was still a pretty close race.

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