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E3 2014

My Painfully Short Hands-On With Super Smash Bros. for Wii U at Nintendo’s Smash Fest

And my comparatively long tale about it.

Last night, hundreds of Smash Bros. fans lined up outside of Best Buy to get a chance to play the Wii U version of Smash Bros. before its release this holiday season, and that was just at my local Best Buy. But we were patient, and we waited, and we finally got the chance to play the game. You know what? It was worth it.

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Watch Nintendo’s E3 Day 3 Coverage Live at 12:30PM ET

Dawn of The Final Day. 7.5 Hours Remain.

Today is the final day of E3, so don't miss a minute of it as Nintendo's Treehouse streams live all day from the company's booth at the show. They've given us an unprecedented amount of access to new games and announcements so far with this dedicated stream, so keep your eye out for any last minute surprises before the show closes.

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Conan the Clueless Gamer Reviews Smash Bros. for Wii U and Fears for Our Future

Quick! Do you know who the second President of the U.S. was? Now watch.

Nintendo was careful in its selection of who should get to play the new Smash Bros. games before they're released, and Conan was clearly the man for the job. He got his hands on the game last night as many Smash fans did, myself included (more on that later), and proved that a game can never be too accessible.

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Watch Nintendo’s E3 2014 Day 2 Live Stream All Day

You didn't have a job to do today or anything, right?

It's day 2 of the open show floor at E3 2014, and Nintendo's Treehouse is back to stream direct gameplay and information from Nintendo's E3 booth all day long. Stay tuned to get a close look at all the new games Nintendo unveiled in their digital media briefing.

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Watch the Smash Bros. E3 Invitational Tournament Live Right Here [Updated With Highlight Reel]

Live vicariously with us!

It's finally here! Sixteen competitors from the Smash Bros. tournament scene, two veteran announcers, and the most in-depth look we've ever gotten at an upcoming Nintendo game with the first Nintendo-hosted Smash Bros. tournament. Watch it live right here starting at 7PM ET.

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Catch up on News and Gameplay You Missed From Nintendo’s Digital E3 2014 Press Conference

Nintendo is finally learning to tap into its audience's interests, and it's awesome.

Nintendo still hasn't won me over on the Wii U, but their press conference was easily the most fun to watch. We got battling Nintendo execs, lots of games that deviate from the "dude with a gun and some photorealistic graphics" genre, and plenty of Smash Bros. and Zelda news.

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The E3 Show Floor Is Open! Get All Your Live Coverage Here

Just watch it all at once and let pure gaming invade your brain.

The E3 show floor will be open for attendees to play games and bring us even more news today, and you can watch all day on Twitch or on Spike All Access Live. Individual companies will also be running their own dedicated streams, so we've got Microsoft's, Sony's, and Nintendo's streams for you here, as well.

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Watch Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference Live at 12PM ET [Updated With Replay]

Is your body re—oh, you know the drill. Prepare for Zelda news.

The E3 show floor opens today, but Nintendo needs to have its say first with their online-only "digital event" that is basically an E3 press conference minus all the live theatrics. Nintendo has been pulling out the stops lately to try to build as much momentum as they can behind the failing Wii U, so expect some big new announcements.

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Here’s What You Missed From Sony’s E3 Press Conference

Mostly lots of dudes, shooting, and explosions.

Sony and Microsoft went all out on showing games this year, so if you missed Sony's show last night, I'll help you catch up on what you might not have seen. Sony's show clocked in at just under two hours, so I'll give you the abridged version of the boring parts to keep things moving.

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Watch Sony’s E3 2014 Press Conference Live at 9PM ET

Can we get more passive-aggressive digs at Microsoft this year?

What will we see from Sony tonight? Microsoft focused entirely on games, but Sony's big elephant in the room is their VR headset that we all got a look at earlier this year. How will they split the time between hardware and software, and how much emphasis will be put on Project Morpheus? We'll find out at 9PM ET.

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Catch Ubisoft’s E3 Media Briefing Live at 6:00PM ET

Whether it shows up or not, get ready for intense Beyond Good & Evil 2 feels.

You may have already seen some gameplay from Assassin's Creed: Unity and Tom Clancy's The Division at Microsoft's show, but rest assured that there's a whole lot more where that came from to be seen during Ubisoft's own media briefing at 6:00PM ET. We should also get a look at Far Cry 4Assassin's Creed Comet, and more.

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Microsoft E3 Roundup, Halo, Tomb Raider, Fable Legends, and More

Microsoft didn't want to talk about hardware much this year, so we've got a lot of games to look at.

Of course Halo got a lot of the attention this year with its high definition remakes and upcoming sequel, but Microsoft's entire press conference focused on games today, and there sure were a lot of them. Here are the high points in case you didn't have the time/desire to sit through the whole thing.

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Watch the Creepy Trailer for the New Game From Limbo’s Playdead, Inside

Limbo 2—er, Inside looks really great, and I want it right now.

Limbo was one of the most stylish and genuinely creepy and fun indie games in recent memory, and their new game, Inside, looks like all of that and more—in color this time!

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Watch EA’s E3 2014 Press Conference and Battlefield Hardline Stream Live at 3PM ET

I hope you cleared your schedule for the day. And the rest of the week.

Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony aren't the only ones who hold big press conferences at E3, so while you wait for Sony's later on tonight, check out what EA has in store for gamers this year. Then, stick around for an hour-long live stream of Battlefield Hardline afterward.

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Watch the Xbox E3 2014 Press Conference Live Right Here at 12PM ET

Drink every time they say, "Halo."

2014's Electronics Entertainment Expo kicks off right here today with Microsoft's Xbox press conference streaming live at 12:30PM ET (pre-show starts at 12PM). Get ready for the biggest news in gaming this week as all the biggest names show off what we'll be playing in the coming year. What will we see from Xbox? Only one way to find out.

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You Can See Sony’s E3 2014 Press Conference Live in Movie Theaters for Free, Tickets Available Now

So when can we expect Microsoft to announce they'll be doing it, too?

While Nintendo is dropping out of the press conference running for the second year in a row, Sony is investing deeply in theirs. When the presentation happens on June 9th, viewers in theaters across North America will be able to experience the show in theaters just like they're on the floor at E3—for free.

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Win a Spot in Nintendo’s Smash Bros. E3 Tournament

"Win a chance at demoralizing defeat!" —Nintendo (pretty much).

Nintendo is looking for a People's Challenger. No, that's not some kind of communist folk hero (that I know of); it's your chance to play in their Smash Bros. Wii U tournament at E3 on June 10!

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Relax, Nintendo’s NFC Figurines Probably Aren’t Smash Bros. Toy-Based DLC

Remember, Nintendo's problem is usually that their peripherals are unnecessary.

Just a few weeks ago, Nintendo announced that they would be releasing near field communications figurines for Wii U and 3DS, and that the NFP (near field platform) would be used across multiple 3DS and Wii U titles. It was just announced that Smash Bros. would be one of those games, but take a few deep breaths and remember there really aren't any specifics yet.

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You’re Invited to Nintendo’s Smash Bros. E3 Tournament, but Only as a Spectator

Unless you're secretly a pro Smash Bros. player, that is.

Nintendo is working hard to win back more serious gamers and sell some Wii U consoles, and it looks like they're betting on Smash Bros. to pull most of the weight at this year'sE3. Here's how you can get your own eyes on the game at the Smash Bros. invitational tournament.

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Nintendo Will Debut NFC Character Figurines at E3 and Bring Them to Stores Later This Year

The merchandising is strong with this one.

With Skylanders fairly uncontested in the "get kids to bug their parents into buying a bunch of toys for their video games" category, I'm amazed it's taken Nintendo so long to bring their own NFC figurines to us. They now have plans to capitalize on their massive catalogue of mascots with figurines that can be used across multiple games.

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