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Proud Mary Stars One of Television’s Biggest Stars, yet Sony Isn’t Promoting It

Have you heard about the movie Proud Mary? Do you know when it's coming out? Do know what it is rated? If not, you aren't the only one.

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The Best Black Friday Video Game Deals You Can Get Right From Your Couch

It's Black Friday, but it's also the 21st century, and Hell is other people. Rejoice! There are plenty of great holiday deals on video games that you can score right from the comfort of your home. Whether you're shopping for gifts or just want to get some great prices on games to occupy all your extra holiday free time, you've come to the right place.

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New The Last of Us: Part II Trailer Is Harrowing AF

The new trailer for The Last of Us: Part II, which Sony debuted at its Paris Games Week showcase leading up to the main event later this week, focuses on new characters, and is harrowing AF.

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Kelly Clarkson Hates Dr. Luke So Much, She Refused Sharing Songwriting Credit With Him

We've been covering the ongoing Kesha/Dr. Luke legal battle, in which Kesha alleges years of rape and mental/emotional abuse at the hands of her longtime producer. However, Kelly Clarkson not only revealed her personal distaste for Dr. Luke in a recent interview, but illuminated how the music industry silences its women.

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In 2019, You’re Getting TWO Women Superhero Films in A 30-Day Span

Mark your calendar for women punching everything

Sony's Silver and Black, the Spiderverse film which will center on Silver Sable and Black Cat, is set to hit theaters on February 8, 2019 - exactly one month before Captain Marvel arrives on March 8, 2019.

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We Love Anne Hathaway, But Should She Be This Film’s Barbie?

A while back, Amy Schumer was supposed to be starring in a movie called Barbie, a film about a woman who doesn't fit into the world of Barbies. She dropped out of the project back in March, and while the film still hasn't officially cast its new female lead, there's an actress currently in talks for the role: Anne Hathaway.

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This Is How the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s “Phase 4” Will Start

The tangled web Marvel weaves ...

We've still got almost a year to go before the Avengers kick off the fated battle with Thanos that's been building for the entire run of Marvel movies, but the Marvel braintrust has already hashed out how the connected universe's next "phase" will begin—a necessity with so many interconnected parts. Now, we know how phase 4 will kick off.

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Things We Saw Today: David Oyelowo to Voice Disney Villain Scar in The Lion Guard

Be prepared! While it's difficult to imagine anyone living up to Jeremy Irons as Scar in Disney's classic The Lion King, David Oyelowo is an amazing choice as the voice of the disgruntled feline with vengeance in his heart.

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Gina Prince-Bythewood’s More Than Ready to Bring Superheroes to the Big Screen in a Post-Wonder Woman World

We were thrilled to learn that Love and Basketball and The Secret Life of Bees director Gina Prince-Bythewood was taking the helm of the upcoming Spider-Man spin-off film, Silver & Black, becoming the first black woman to direct a big-budget superhero movie. With Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman kicking ass at the box office the way it is, Prince-Bythewood is more than ready to bring superheroes to the big screen.

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Come Watch Sony PlayStation’s E3 2017 Presentation With Us!

Sony's E3 conference is scheduled for tonight, and there are some big surprises expected for the video game giant. Here's how to watch.

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Gina Prince-Bythewood Will Be the First Black Woman To Direct a Big-Budget Superhero Movie

Gina Prince-Bythewood, who previously directed and wrote films like Love & Basketball and Beyond the Lights, will direct Sony's Silver Sable and Black Cat movie, Silver & Black.

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Sony’s Wii Knockoffs Reach Their Full Potential in PlayStation VR Honest Trailer

We all laughed at the PlayStation Move, but the Move will have the last laugh! Virtual reality created a surprise second life for the peripherals, but is the PlayStation VR's low-budget, Frankenstein-esque parts setup the revolutionary experience the current VR push was hoping for?

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Sony Finds Director for Live Action Mulan in Game of Thrones‘ Alex Graves

Game of Thrones' Alex Graves will be helming Sony's live action remake of Mulan.

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Things We Saw Today: Drunk History Gives Us the Stonewall Lesson We Deserve

First of all, drunk Crissle West needs to be my best friend. Secondly, check out Drunk History's take on the Stonewall riots, which West not only tells entertainingly, but also stars trans actors in trans roles. Namely, Alexandra Grey as Marsha P. Johnson and Trace Lysette as Sylvia Rivera, both of whom feature prominently on Transparent this season.

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There’s Already a Teardown Video of the PlayStation 4 Slim Sony Is Expected to Announce Tomorrow


Sony is holding a "PlayStation Meeting" tomorrow, where the current leader of the console wars is expected to unveil its PlayStation 4 Neo, alongside a "PlayStation 4 slim." The Neo is certainly on the way, but the slim caught everyone by surprise when its existence leaked out recently, although it's pretty much in line with Sony's past mid-lifecycle console revamps. Now, despite still lacking an official announcement, we even know what the console's innards are like.

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Here It Comes: Sony “Aggressively” Moving Into Mobile Gaming After Pokémon GO

You'd think that nearly everyone having a mobile game machine on them at all times would've already drawn an "aggressive" response from traditional game companies, but that hasn't really been the case. Nintendo itself hadn't really gotten into the mobile game until recently, and though the company wasn't directly responsible for Pokémon GO, the game's success has no doubt been inspiration for the rest of the industry.

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Line Between Console and PC Blurs as PlayStation’s Game Streaming Service PS Now Comes to PC

You got your PS4 in my PC. You got your PC in my PS4.

PlayStation Now, Sony's game-focused answer to Netflix, will be coming to PC very shortly.

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Sony Reportedly Introducing Cheaper, Thinner PS4 Alongside “Neo” Next Month

Sony's got a media event coming up next month, and all signs point to it being the unveiling of the new, more powerful PlayStation 4 "Neo." That might not be all they've got in store, though, as this past weekend saw the leak of images of a purported PS4 "slim," and now a report on the Wall Street Journal seeks to confirm the new model as Sony remains silent.

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Sausage Party Studio Faces Accusations of Unpaid Overtime and Use of “Pressure Tactics”

Sausage Party—you know, that 90 minute long dick joke movie that we all thought wasn't real—has apparently slighted its animators in a big, big way.

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Final Fantasy XV Avoids Huge Day One Patch by … Delaying Release by Two Months

It's one or the other, really.

Game development is hard—almost as hard as keeping fans happy. In the case of Final Fantasy XV, the game has been delayed to make sure it's fully polished and doesn't require a patch on its launch day to make it suitably playable, which you may remember from a bygone era as "how game development works." You can't please everyone, though, and after a weekend of fan frustration, the delay isn't necessarily welcome news.

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