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The Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Movie Release Date Announcement Is PERFECT

Tails fans, take flight!

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The amount of fangirling I did over a ten-second logo plus release date reveal is remarkable. Sometimes I forget how much of a Sonic fangirl I am, then suddenly a tweet makes me feel like that girl who begged her stepbrother to let her play his Genesis because a new Sonic game was released.

He’s coming! My little aviator pilot inventor fox boy is coming! And they even used the music from Emerald Hill Zone (with a remix I need in my life now) in the reveal and added two tails and AH!!!!!


Shoutout to all of us who played as Tails in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and tried our bestest to help our older siblings/cousins/ect. collect rings even if they ran too fast and left us behind. Shout out to those of us who fought the bosses while our older siblings/cousins/ect. stood off to the side because Tails was invincible. I see you.

The appearance of Tails in the sequel is no surprise; after all, it correlates with the video game. More importantly, he shows up at the very end of the first movie in search of Sonic!

After stepping through a ring portal and using a device to track Sonic (which he probably made himself), he takes flight after realizing that he’s finally found him. However, he also says that he hopes he’s not too late. Too late for what? Did someone send Tails on the hunt for Sonic, or is he looking for him on his own?

We don’t know. I’m assuming that’s what the sequel is for.

The first movie already introduced us to the Echidna Tribe which should, inevitably, lead to Knuckles. While Sonic having a guardian who sends him to Earth (Longclaw the Owl) might seem a bit odd, it does open up the possibility for other characters, maybe even The Freedom Fighters who exist in the comics and the old ’90s Saturday morning cartoon. Tails could easily be a part of that group and in search of Sonic, or he can just be a fan who idolizes him, or both.

Since, at the end of the first movie, Robotnik is sent to a Mushroom planet (Mario reference or Mushroom Hill Zone from Sonic 3, you tell me), we could be dealing with the mad scientist on a more … universal level. Robotnik discovering the existence of other worlds isn’t good, so maybe Tails is trying to find Sonic because Robotnik is causing chaos in other worlds, maybe even in Sonic’s original home.

In the game series, Robotnik does deceive Knuckles into thinking that Sonic’s an enemy, so if Robotnik’s traveling through worlds and finds the Echidna Tribe (who were already chasing after Sonic and Longclaw the Owl), that could line up to present a worthy adversary in this sequence.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is scheduled to release on April 8, 2022, and yes, I’m sure all the 2s are intentional, lol.

(image: Paramount Pictures)

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