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‘Solo Leveling’ Crunchyroll Release Date Confirmed

Many fans of the hit manhwa series Solo Leveling have been waiting for the anime to come out in 2023 under the production of A-1 Pictures. Months have gone by, and it looks like the anime won’t be able to air on its initial release date of 2023.

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Those who are new to this action-packed manhwa series will find themselves lucky since the manga published its last chapter on December 29, 2021, and is available for everybody who wants to binge all its chapters. The anime release date might be pushed back, but there are already 201 chapters available for readers to peruse.

What has the anime community hyped up about this manhwa? Written by author Chugong, the series follows the journey of Jinwoo, “the weakest hunter of mankind.” He doesn’t sound like the type of main character who would last for more than five chapters in a world full of monsters and powerful opponents, and that’s where most are wrong. Jinwoo doesn’t even last the first chapter before he’s killed in a low-ranking dungeon.

He was so weak that all of his teammates came out of the dungeon unscathed, while Jinwoo died. But after his “death,” he was able to obtain a quest board. This is the story of how he went from being “the weakest hunter of mankind” to “the strongest hunter of mankind.” In short, Jinwoo dies in the first chapter of the story and is brought back to life with a quest board, or a list of instructions on how to become a better hunter.

Jinwoo became a hunter in a world full of evil spirits because of his financial obligations, not because he’s a hero with strong principles. He has bills to pay, and he dislikes having to risk his life, but everybody who’s into a good zero-to-hero story is bound to love Solo Leveling. For fans who would like to watch the anime, they’ll only have to wait until January 6, 2024, for the premiere of Solo Leveling at Crunchyroll.

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