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Casual Pepper Spray Cop Gets the LEGO Treatment

Some people struggle to find constructive means of expressing themselves, but San Francisco artist Doctor Popular has found a an outlet for  his personal disgust over the recent pepper spraying incident at the University of California Davis. Using an abandoned newspaper bin as his choice location, Doc Pop installed a startling LEGO diorama featuring the notorious “casual pepper spraying cop” Lt. John Pike and a group of red-eyed protestors.

Interestingly, Doc Pop says that he hadn’t set out to create a LEGO diorama in the first place. However, he was surprised to discover that LEGO city sets contain, in his own words, “almost everything you need to create a protest scene.” With some modifications and the addition of blinking LEDs to attract the attention of passersby, the scene was complete.

According to his blog, the diorama was installed on San Francisco’s Market Street at 8 AM on Black Friday, but was removed around Noon. Despite being on display for only four hours, Doc Pop writes that the experience of making it and discussing his work with others was “totally worth it.”

You can see more of the Occupy News Bins installations on Flickr.

(Doc Pop via BuzzFeed)

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