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Report: Smallville Ending After Next Season

It looks like after Smallville‘s next season, we will no longer have to endure an increasingly aging Clark Kent not becoming Superman (superhero costumes being too silly for TV) even as people are morphed by an enchanted comic book. (/nerdrant.) Though they’re kind enough not to use the word ‘canceled,’ The Hollywood Reporter reports that after next season, Season 10, Smallville is ending.

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“Sources confirm that The CW will put an end to Superman’s adventures after next season. The CW plans to make the announcement at its upfront presentation in New York City on Thursday.”

Though not exactly Heroes-esque in its downward spiral — Smallville has remained a show you can sit down and watch — the show has disappointed many fans who’ve hoped for a little more in the way of superheroics and a little less in the way of meandering. At that, it delivered a fine and well-received season finale that hinted at a proper future as Superman for Clark — and for the show.

Does this mean The Graysons might happen after all?

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