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Sleepy Hollow Renewed for Fourth Season Despite Everything


Fox announced today that Sleepy Hollow will be returning for a fourth season. Browsing social media, the general reaction appears to be one of skepticism, anger, and confusion. Spoilers for Sleepy Hollow Season 3 to follow.


The news is….surprising to say the least, considering the show’s decision to kill off lead actress Nicole Beharie’s Abbie Mills in the season 3 finale caused many fans to quit the show. While her departure was part of Beharie’s decision to leave the show, hashtags like #AbbieMillsDeservesBetter and #CancelSleepyHollow hit on the fact that the show had already been mistreating and reducing her role priorpossibly the reason for Beharie’s dissatisfaction. One of many female deaths on TV that week, Abbie Mills’ death was an especially brutal one which, in contributor Princess Weekes’ words, “reinforced the expendability that black bodies are in genre television, and proved that protagonist protection does not extend to us.”

The various cancellations we’re seeing this week also magnify how strange the renewal is, as TV lost Castle (perhaps with good reason), Agent Carterand other shows that many fans are sad to see come to an end. What do you think about Fox’s decision? Is there any hope (or point) for Sleepy Hollow without Abbie Mills?

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