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Every Book in Skyrim is Now Available in eReader Formats

For how humongous and detailed the worlds in Elder Scrolls games tend to be, it is continually impressive that the huge, detailed worlds are filled with many long, detailed books. Elder Scrolls players tend to become obsessed with the books, collecting them and arranging them on the bookshelves in their in-game housing, to the point where users have madd mods for past iterations of the franchise installments that make the book-arranging an easier process. The problem, though, with the long, detailed in-game books are that they’re long and detailed, and we have a world to explore and quests to complete.

Now, however, has compiled all of the in-game Skyrim books and made them available for you to read on the go, in both Kindle and Nook formats.

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After discovering that Skyrim stores the books in plain text, only a bit of dedication was required, and after adding headings, a table of contents, and a cover, the in-game books were made available in both .mobi (Kindle) and .epub (Nook, iOS, and others) formats.

Kindle (MOBI), available here. Nook, iOS, and others (EPUB), available here.

Now you can save time while in the world of Skyrim, and catch up on your lore on the go. Don’t forget to alphabetize the books on your in-game bookshelves after you read them on your eReader, though. A meticulously, almost obnoxiously organized virtual home is a happy virtual home.

( via The Verge)

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