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All of the In-Game Books in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Bound Into a Real-Life Leather Book

The next install in the venerable The Elder Scrolls franchise, Skyrim, releases in a little over one month. While we’re all waiting to slay humongous dragons and avoid the main quest for 200 hours while we traipse around the world doing everything else, Reddit user notadoctoreither has done something amazing. In Oblivion, the game world consists of many, many collectible, readable books, most of which have a significant amount of text. Various players, myself proudly included, collect the books and display them on bookshelves in the purchasable houses and shacks found throughout the world. Now, thanks to notadoctoreither, players can display the books of Oblivion on a shelf in real life.

Printing out the collection of books and binding them in leather, providing instructions and the printable books for do-it-yourselfers, notadoctoreither has solved the in-game problem of too many books and too little space, but in real life. Now, with a little effort, a lot of paper, and a bunch of ink, players can proudly display their Elder Scrolls geekery in prominent spots around the house or the office. Unfortunately, reading the book doesn’t raise your lockpicking skill by one point. Read on below to check out pictures of the fangasmic book.

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