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Someone Debunked Sharknado, We Guess Because So Many People Thought It Was Real?

Wait. So you're telling me not everything I see on Syfy is real?


Did everyone catch the 100% scientifically accurate weather documentary Sharknado this week? It explained the very obviously real phenomenon of that time when a tornado made of sharks attacked a city. It turns out Erin Cassidy of Accuweather isn’t convinced by the irrefutable scientific evidence presented in Sharknado. Cassidy wrote a post on the Accuweather site debunking the “myths” in Sharknado.

So what didn’t Cassidy buy as the cold hard truth of Sharknado? First of all, she doesn’t think a tornado can pull a bunch of sharks out of the ocean and send them to attack people on land. Her “evidence” is that tornadoes that form over water all called waterspouts, and that shark expert Greg Skomal said it couldn’t happen.

“The concept that sharks cannot only survive being swept up in a tornado but also attack humans is absurd,” Skomal told Cassidy.

Tell that to the 16 people The Hollywood Reporter counted as losing their lives in the Sharknado, Mr. Skomal. 17 if you count Tara Reid’s career.

Another “myth” Cassidy took issue with is the idea that a hurricane strong enough to make a shark tornado would ever hit southern California. Accuweather meteorologist Kristina Baker says that the cool water off the coast of the region would prevent such strong forms from hitting the area.

Finally, Cassidy calls into question the claim the documentary makes that global warming can cause tornados made of sharks to throw ferris wheels at people. She says that we’re still a few hundred years away from climate change affecting things so much that sharks join forces with tornadoes to bring destruction to the land.

What’s next, Cassidy? You’re going to tell me that sand can’t become sentient and attack Las Vegas? Because I have video evidence that proves otherwise:

 I hope Barry Bostwick makes it out of there in one piece. He’s great.

(via Accuweather, image via SyFy)

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