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Shark Eats Giant Squid Right After Fisherman Finds Giant Squid

Australian Daily Telegraphy fishing columnist Al McGlashan recently came across a 13-foot giant squid. Amazing, of course, because seeing the things at a large size was once a rarer than rare site. However, when McGlashan moved in to investigate what seemed to be the carcass of a giant squid, he found that a shark was eating it. In summary, a fisherman found a giant squid, a rare sight, but — what’re the odds — a blue shark was eating it. Lucky for all of us, there’s video of the shark having a giant squid lunch below.

McGlashan felt the squid, which was found off the coast of New South Wales, Australia, died not too long before he found it, as it still held its vibrant red coloring, though whether or not the shark killed it remains to be seen. It’s important to note that squids have a very short average lifespan, of around one to three years. Check out the video of the shark taking bites out of the squid, because why wouldn’t you want to see that?

(Daily Telegraph via Daily Mail)

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