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‘Scream 6’ Saves Its Most Brutal Kill for Last

Ghostface wielding a knife in 'Scream 6'


The post-credits scene is practically a cliche at this point. Marvel movies did it. Then they did it again. And again. And again. They did it so many times that we had to create a whole list to rank the best ones! WHO’S GOT TIME TO READ A WHOLE LIST OF POST-CREDITS SCENES? NOT IN BIDEN’S AMERICA. And then the Star Wars franchise copied the trope and now you can’t go to a movie with your friends without that ONE FRIEND being like “but guysssss we gotta stay an extra 10 minutes for the post credits sceeeeene.”

Scream VI doesn’t think so. Or maybe they do? Whatever, it’s irony.

What’s the Scream VI post-credits scene?

It’s literally just a shot of Mindy insisting that “not every movie needs a post-credits scene.” MURDER. Franchises found dead in a ditch.

It’s perfectly on brand for the Scream franchise. It’s funny, ironic, and meta as hell. They are doing the very thing that they insist is unnecessary. It’s like saying “listen up kids, ice cream rots your teeth” while eating a tub of Ben and Jerry’s. Classic.

Scream has always been interested in subverting horror tropes. After all, the characters know that they’re in a horror movie, or at least playing by the rules of one. Characters liker Randy from the first Scream insist that everyone will survive if the group simply follows the tenants of slasher horror: don’t have sex, remain pure, achieve “final girl” status. It only compounds upon the irony when Randy is later killed by Ghostface even after trying to follow all of the rules.

As for Mindy, Randy was her uncle. The “meta” gene was passed down to her, and she’s carrying on the family legacy by being self-referential. At least it worked for her in this film, she made it out alive.

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