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We’re Not Ready To Say Goodbye to ‘Scream’

The core four, Kirby, Gale, and more standing around in Scream VI

Happy Scream VI (2023) weekend! It’s quite a time for Scream fans and horror as a genre let me tell you. Rather than spoil this highly anticipated sequel, I’m going to let everyone know now that Scream VI (2023) is really fucking fresh. As I’m writing this, there’s a projection for Scream VI (2023) to shatter box office records for this glorious franchise.

Neve Campbell/Sidney Prescott not being in Scream VI (2023) doesn’t bring it down whatsoever. Please refrain from throwing virtual tomatoes at me or calling me some silly shit like a “fake fan”. But after seeing Scream VI (2023), it’s obvious she’s not as desperately needed as people assumed. The core four, Gale (Courteney Cox) and Kirby (Hayden Panettiere) hold down the fort just fine. The biggest question is whether or not there’s going to be Scream 7?

Has Scream 7 been greenlit already?

Sam and Tara hiding from Ghostface in a bodega in Scream VI
(Paramount Pictures)

It’s time to dance around the room wearing a Ghostface mask because Scream 7 is a go, baby! Recently it was confirmed that we’ll be getting a seventh film and filming starts this year. We could easily get another Scream film next year if everything goes smoothly. Who knows where everything is headed given the ending of Scream VI (2023)?

What if the seventh film is bold and takes out Sidney (Neve Campbell)? It wouldn’t be the first time a horror franchise killed off their main final girl. Imagine the uproar of a violent opening scene with Sidney Prescott that ends in her death. Maybe we’ll get a batshit Ghostface cult situation (that would be incredibly cool if they finally executed that idea). Either way, I’m excited that we’re not losing Scream as a franchise any time soon.

(featured image: Paramount Pictures)

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