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Who Dies in ‘Scream 6’? All ‘Scream 6’ Deaths, Explained

The kills are something different.

The new Scream sequels (or requels if you will) aren’t holding back whatsoever when it comes brutal kills. Scream VI (2023) upped the ante and decided to be extra bloody, just like Scream 5 (2022). Only this time around, it’s like they turned the dial up with the intention of making us go wide-eyed. Some deaths I saw coming. Others I didn’t expect because of the Ghostface reveal. All I know is that there weren’t as many deaths as folks thought there would be. Ultimately, fans are probably relieved about that for the most part.

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How many people died in Scream VI, and are the deaths really that much more brutal this time around? Let’s grab our buck knives and find out! Please don’t read ahead if you don’t want to see major spoilers. And please keep in mind that Ghostface killed a few nameless characters. I just won’t be including them on the list.


Ghostface grabbing Mindy's face on the subway in Scream VI
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Laura Crane

Laura Crane talking on the phone with Ghostface in Scream VI opening
(Paramount Pictures)

Pour one out for Laura (Samara Weaving) and how iconic she looks in that yellow dress. Samara Weaving killed it in the opening and proved she’s certainly a scream queen. Her death in the alley by way of her film student was brutal and all too realistic. Nobody was around to help her, and there was no chance she was going to get away. But at least she died in that yellow dress (alright, that’s a bit morbid isn’t it?).

Jason Carvey

The shock that was someone revealing themselves so soon after a Ghostface murder was intense. Jason (Tony Revolori) wasn’t really an interesting character per se. He merely represented a certain brand of budding serial killer. And he didn’t exactly get a chance to explore his murderous desires. Instead, Ghostface gave him a call and killed him in his apartment. It was a rather gory affair. Hearing Roger L. Jackson say “Who gives a fuck about movies?” cemented that this Ghostface really wasn’t going to be like the others.

Dr. Chris Stone

Radio Silence really understands the magic of creating tension before a kill occurs. Dr. Stone (Henry Czerny) was doomed as soon as he took Sam on as a client. He gets one brutal as hell death, because nose trauma is no joke. The man got stabbed right in the face (through the nose, specifically) after having his head slammed against his front door. Sorry folks, but having glass on your front door is a big no-no in a city where wild shit happens every day.


Anika being terrified of dying in Scream VI
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Of course Mindy’s (Jasmin Savoy Brown) love interest wasn’t going to make it out of this killing spree alive. After the orchestrated attack on Quinn (Liana Liberato), Anika gets aggressively stabbed by Ghostface in Sam, Tara, Quinn, etc.’s apartment. She only manages to get away until the gang had to crawl across a ladder to Sam’s boyfriend’s apartment. Poor Anika tried her best to get to safety, only for Ghostface to shake the ladder and tip it so she’d fall to her death in the alley below. Anika hit her head on a dumpster and died by herself, while the survivors and Mindy looked on in horror.

Quinn Bailey

Quinn Bailey being "scared" in Scream VI
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Ghostface can quite literally be anyone. But Quinn (Liana Liberato) isn’t at all who I expected to be one of the killers. Earlier in the film, she was presumed dead. It was merely a fake-out orchestrated by her and her family. Quinn is revealed to be the sister of Richie (Jack Squaid), who was one of the killers in Scream 5 (2022). Monologues ensue, and ultimately Sam takes Quinn down with a headshot.


In not-so-typical fashion, we got 3 Ghostface killers in one film. Ethan (Jack Champion) was a major suspect throughout the film, and Mindy was right all along about not trusting him. After Sam killed his brother Richie, Ethan was down to join his father and his sister, Quinn, on their quest for revenge. Instead of Sam killing Ethan with several knife stabs, Tara (Jenna Ortega) is the one to take out Ethan by stabbing him with confidence.

Detective Bailey

Maniacal parents who are hellbent on revenge (even though their kid was a legit serial killer) seldom make it out alive. Detective Bailey (Dermot Mulroney) wanted to ruin Sam’s life because she murdered his son. Despite how Richie manipulated her for a long time and almost murdered her in Scream 5 (2022). Ultimately, fucking with the daughter of a serial killer (not to mention a person who has survived violent killing sprees) winds up being an unwise decision. Sam puts on Billy’s (Skeet Ulrich) Ghostface mask and costume to stab Detective Bailey violently.

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