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Saoirse Ronan Has Not Been Approached to Play Scarlet Witch


It’s not often that we find out about a new character addition to a superhero franchise from an offhand remark on a red carpet two years before the movie’s scheduled release date and in advance of the script being finished. In fact, it’s practically unheard of, and probably has more to do with the murky cloud of copyrights and licensing in which Scarlet Witch and her brother Quicksilver reside where movie versions of them are concerned than anything else. It was reported early on that Whedon and company might be looking for someone like Irish actress Saoirse Ronan, and the obvious subsequent question was: why not Saoirse Ronan?

We asked Ronan that question back in May, and her response was:

I have heard about [the rumor] and yes, I would [play Scarlet Witch]. Yeah, of course I would. I love Joss and I love those films, and I love his handle on them and how he portrayed these kinds of superheroes. I think it’s very different from what anyone else has done. So yeah, I’d love to be in it.

But of course, her status as the “prototype” for Wanda Maximoff was only a rumor, and prototype, admittedly, doesn’t mean “first choice,” and as the actress confirmed recently to the Irish Film and Television Network:

[Joining Avengers 2 as Scarlet Witch is] not happening, no! I think that was just one of those little rumours floating about.

Since, according to Comic Book Movie, casting for Wanda has already begun, this probably means that Ronan isn’t in the running. Unless, of course, she’s been told to keep her involvement secret, although I’m not sure why that would be necessary. Maybe, if her casting is part of a big Comic Con reveal, or other such giant media event. Perhaps we shall find out soon?

(via Comic Book Movie.)

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