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Head Trump Enabler Kellyanne Conway Gets Exactly the “Honor” Her Success Deserves From Samantha Bee

Like those who wonder why there’s so much outcry against Donald Trump’s incoming administration when there was less for President Obama’s (despite Obama being wildly more popular during his own presidential transition, which pretty much explains it), conservatives are also confused as to why Kellyanne Conway’s success as a presidential campaign manager isn’t being heralded as a feminist achievement.

Of course, the answer is equally simple: putting Donald Trump in office can hardly be considered a feminist act, based on his actions, statements, and stance on issues like reproductive rights. Beyond that, Conway’s own beliefs aren’t exactly a shining example, as Samantha Bee lays out (as our own Vivian Kane also has) in a cutting takedown of Trump’s head enabler.

Bee also had a segment last night interviewing Masha Gessen, a journalist who escaped Putin’s Russia, on what we in America can do to resist an autocracy. There was some bad news, but the good news was that, if you’re currently panicking, you’re doing it right! (Yay?) As we all know, letting this become “normal” is a big danger, but it can actually be hard to maintain the appropriate level of heightened awareness while trying to live your everyday life as time keeps moving forward.

We’ll do our best to keep it up if you all will.

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