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Ron Swanson Has His Own Writer, Actor IMDb Page

Television’s favorite manly man with a secret heart of gold, as well as a secret lust for riddles and soft jazz, Ron Swanson, has his own page on the Internet Movie Database. No, not the listing of the character that Nick Offerman plays, but Ron Swanson himself, as if he were a real life person that contributed to the movie and television industry. Interestingly, Ron Swanson’s IMDb credits end in 1996, one year before Nick Offerman’s credits begin in 1997. I mean, you’ve never seen both Ron Swanson and Nick Offerman in the same room, right?!

His writing credits associate him with Chuck Norris movies and television, such as an episode of Walker, Texas Ranger, as well as some other Chuck Norris movies. As tired and boring the old Chuck Norris joke is, it’s amusing to see that Ron Swanson had a secret fake hand in his career. I, for one, would be happy to put the nail in the Chuck Norris joke coffin and replace said joke’s titular character with Ron Swanson.

If you’re wondering, yes, Ron Swanson is credited under the individual works’ IMDb pages as well. Seeing as how he’s one of the best characters currently on television — a thin group of characters ever since a certain something went down over on HBO — we’re pretty happy to see him continually get his due, even if it is fake due.

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