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This Valentine’s Day Try DIY Brief Jerky, 100% Edible Meat Underwear


You might not want to believe me, but as it turns out, beef jerky underwear is a thing that some people want. Moreover, beef jerky underwear is a thing that some people might be willing to pay for. It’s not unheard of.  Instructable user Carleyy –apparently a member of the first group but not the second — has come up with a way for you to easily make your own pair of Brief Jerky, and as a bonus, they are entirely edible. Yeah. You know you want a pair.

The brief-making process has 3 distinct steps. The first is seasoning some ground beef and creating your own sheets of soon-to-be pants jerky. The process is pretty simple and allows you to get creative with seasoning although I’d be careful with the hot sauce. Next, you carve up your meat sheets into distinct sections using a briefs template, adjusting some for sizing. Lastly — and this is the genius part — hook it all together with Slim Jim string, at which point you’ll have a pair of delicious undergarments your slim Jim is will be stoked to step into.

If you’re serious about the project, you can find literally everything you need to know over at the Instructables page for the product. Valentine’s day isn’t far off and meat is pretty much the manliest alternative to chocolate there is, right? I have to wonder whether or not Ron Swanson would be into these. I mean, like, as a concept. You know what? I’ll let you wonder that, while I go look at pictures of kittens.

(via Obvious Winner)

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