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Rob Granito Attempts to Become Charlie Sheen of Comics

And That's Terrible

Rob Granito‘s fifteen year career of shamelessly copying the work of other comics artists and passing it, mostly uncredited, as his own was exposed two weeks ago by Bleeding Cool, and since then his name has gotten around somewhat in comics circles. Several cons have cancelled the arrangements they had with him, and it’s unlikely that he will again be able to pass himself off as a Batman: Animated artist, a friend of the much beloved and recently deceased Dwayne McDuffie, or a guy who worked on Calvin & Hobbes (no one has ever done art for C&H except Bill Watterson).

So what is a hard up fake cartoonist to do? Start branding himself the Charlie Sheen of comics, and charge for interviews. No. Seriously.

The Comics Cube received an e-mail this morning from one Alison, claiming to be Granito’s manager/press agent (she certainly has a better grasp of grammar and spelling), but who coincidentally shares a first name with his wife. It included stuff like this list, intended to prove the newsworthyness of the Granito story:

-A Facebook Group about Robert Granito had over  3,000 members in less than a week

The Facebook group was called Rob Granito Is A Fraud.

-Websites such as comicsalliance, Wired, and many others made Rob Granito a major headline

About his fraud.

-An entire convention panel is due to Rob Granito, called ‘How Should An Artist React To Being Granito’d’?

About avoiding and dealing with fraud. And we’re not stretching it with the Charlie Sheen comparison:

Now is YOUR chance to take advantage of this red-hot story. As Charlie Sheen has proven in the mainstream media, controversy sells. It has been proven, and suggested by the convention fans blog that Rob Granito is the Charlie Sheen of Comics. And just like Charlie Sheen caused MAJOR headlines with his controversial 20/20 interview, now YOU can get Rob Granito to sit for an interview for your site or blog!…

We assure you Rob Granito will live up to his interview commitments. We guarantee candid, explanatory revelations. Rob Granito proved he shook up the world in March 2011! Now watch him light up the Spring comics schedule. “I will keep going to conventions”, he says. Also, why did BleedingCool decide to break the Rob Granito story out of nowhere? Why was it pursued with such a fever? “There is more there that you dont know about”, says Rob.

ALL WEBSITES:  the following is a list of Rob’ interview fees

-e-mail interview (20 questions ONLY)   $150.00   PayPal
-30 minute phone interview   $200.00  PayPal
-1 Hour Phone or Skype interview   $250.00 PayPal

In e-mail conversation with Ali, The Comics Cube was urged not to run a single new story about Rob Granito with out consulting, and presumably paying, for his side of the story.

Goooood luck with that, Mr. Granito.

(via Ty Templeton’s Art Land.)

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