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But Why, Though? Charlie Sheen Reprises His Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Role For The Goldbergs

Coincidentally the only role I've ever liked him in.


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Honey Boo Boo Has a Comic Book, and Now There’s Variant Covers

We don't know how we missed the fact that in November comics publisher Blue Water Productions printed a comic book about reality television child Alana Thompson as in Honey Boo Boo -- we're just lucky we guess -- but today they also released "collectible" variant covers. We put "collectible" in quotes not as a commentary on the perceived value of such an item, but because the covers are only being offered digitally, so we're not sure how one would really go about collecting them, or why one would want to.

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Rob Granito Attempts to Become Charlie Sheen of Comics

And That's Terrible

Rob Granito's fifteen year career of shamelessly copying the work of other comics artists and passing it, mostly uncredited, as his own was exposed two weeks ago by Bleeding Cool, and since then his name has gotten around somewhat in comics circles. Several cons have cancelled the arrangements they had with him, and it's unlikely that he will again be able to pass himself off as a Batman: Animated artist, a friend of the much beloved and recently deceased Dwayne McDuffie, or a guy who worked on Calvin & Hobbes (no one has ever done art for C&H except Bill Watterson). So what is a hard up fake cartoonist to do? Start branding himself the Charlie Sheen of comics, and charge for interviews. No. Seriously.

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Things We Saw Today: Charlie Sheen Takes Over Spider-Man

Things We Saw Today

Yesterday, we featured a slide from this excellent slideshow at The Village Voice. You are strongly urged to view the slideshow that broke our Charlie Sheen fast. (We gave up Sheen before it was cool to give Sheen up for Lent.)

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Charlie Sheen Sets Guinness World Record for Hitting 1 Million Twitter Followers

The ghoulishness of the media obsession with Charlie Sheen has been well-documented, and we apologize for not covering every crazy thing he says about tiger blood with more diligence, but a Guinness Record in social media is a Guinness Record in social media, and so congrats, @charliesheen, for winning Twitter. Guinness has verified that Sheen's is the fastest account ever to reach one million followers, though the Guinness Book of World Records did not previously contain a record for that category. Sheen joined Twitter on the afternoon of March 1st, was almost immediately verified thanks to the intervention of celebrity endorsement broker, and within 25 hours and 17 minutes, he hit one million followers. As of posting, Sheen has 1,256,636 followers and is insane. (via Mashable)

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