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Exclusive: Watch The Trailer For The Resurrectionist, A Beautifully Dark Art Book And Novel

The Resurrectionist is part art book and part novel, but both parts are meticulously detailed, dark, and beautiful. It tells the story of the fictional work of Dr. Spencer Black whose field of study could best be described as Darwin meets Frankenstein. It’s publisher Quirk Books asked me to give you an exclusive first look at the book’s trailer.

As the story of The Resurrectionist develops we’re treated to detailed medical drawings of the creatures Dr. Black is writing about. It presents mythical creatures in an analytical way I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. Have you ever wondered about the exact musculature of a sphinx?

sphinx muscles

The book was written and drawn by E.B. Hubspeth who I was fortunate to have the chance to speak to about the book over lunch. The Resurrectionist is every bit as much about the art as it is the story, but they’re both fascinating. Either could stand alone as their own entity, but they really come together to become something twisted and lovely.

The Resurrectionist will be available through Quirk Books on May 21st in both hard cover and eBook. Not that there’s anything wrong with eBooks, but Quirk gave us a review copy of the hard cover, and it’s really quite an objet d’art. This is something you’ll physically want on your shelf or coffee table to freak out visitors

(via Quirk Books)

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