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Is This Lord of the Rings Periodic Table The Geekiest Thing Ever Done?

LOTR Table cover

As you might imagine, we get sent a lot of geeky things here at the site, but since I started writing for Geekosystem, I don’t think I’ve seen anything as geeky as this. It’s The Periodic Table of Middle-Earth, which breaks down the characters from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit into classification by race. It even lists dates of birth and death. This is next-level geekdom at its finest.

Take a look at the full table:

LOTR Table

Emil Johansson from is the geek responsible for this thing. Johansson is clearly a passionate Tolkien fan, but he’s also a student of chemical engineering. He told us he was trying to find a way to combine those two passions. You know what? You nailed it, buddy.

This obviously took a lot of work, but if you poke around a bit, you’ll see that’s nothing new for Johansson. The site has everything from a (nearly) complete Genealogy of Middle-Earth outlining the familial relationship of all the characters in the books, to this handy flowchart of Gollum’s state of mind in any given situation:


If you have any doubt about Johannson’s level of passion when it comes to Tolkien, here’s the TEDx talk he gave about

This guy’s not messing around. For a look at the full resolution Periodic Table of Middle-Earth and a lot more, head over to

(via, image via Periodic Table of Middle-Earth)

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