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This Website Lets You Make Your Own Candy Hearts, So We Made Some Nerdy Ones for You

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Rejected candy hearts are all the rage this Valentine’s season. Well, you know, and every Valentine’s season since the invention of the Internet and terrible jokes (whichever came first). But they’re especially easy to make this season using the Cryptogram, so we made a bunch of nerdy ones, just for you.



Guess correctly where all of these phrases are from and you win a prize! The prize is that we will notice you and think you are a clever person. That’s all anyone wants out of life, right? To get noticed by a website run by stranger and be generally thought of as pretty smart?

Want to own these hearts in the meatspace? You can buy customized candies on the Necco website. They’re not going to come in time for Valentine’s Day, but you can just save ’em for next year — it’s not like they ever go bad, right?

(via GeekSugar)

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