New Red Dawn Trailer is for the Wolverines!

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The first theatrical trailer for the long-awaited remake of 80’s cult classic Red Dawn was released yesterday… Well, I was waiting for it, anyway. If you’ve never seen Red Dawn, it’s basically the movie that inspired Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, except you replace the U.S. military with a pack of teenagers living in the wild. Feel free to get excited now.

The modernized remake, starring Thor (a.k.a. Chris Hemsworth) and The Hunger Games‘ own Josh Hutcherson, changes some key details from the original movie but keeps the story mostly intact. When North Korea invades their small town in Washington State, a group of youngsters form the Wolverines, a rebel unit led by Hemsworth, to fight the occupying force.

It looks like movie is going to capture the spirit of the original perfectly. The Wolverines are totally over the top and awesome/hilarious. There also appears to be way more explosions this time around: Maybe they’re taking a lesson from Call of Duty this time around.

As a film about togetherness, family, and the apocalypse, it makes perfect sense that Red Dawn is coming to theaters just in time for Thanksgiving.

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