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Ramen-Cooking Cats Manga Finally Gets Translation AND Anime!

Red Cat Ramen/Ramen Aka Neko featuring Head Chef Sabu with a bowl of ramen on the left, and Krishna the tiger security on the right.

It’s endearing to see animals become passionate about food, unlike a lot of humans who love to eat food but can’t cook at all. For cat lovers, Red Cat Ramen (Ramen Aka Neko) by Angyaman is a manga about a bunch of cats who run a ramen joint and a human part-time worker who learns from them.

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The only reason this chaotic manga about feline ramen restaurant hasn’t taken off is because it didn’t get an English translation until October 2023 in Shonen Jump+. Six chapters of Red Cat Ramen have been translated so far.

If reading a manga takes too much time, an anime about the series was also announced on Red Cat Ramen’s website on November 27, 2023. Details about the studio responsible for bringing the manga to life are still unknown. There was no further announcement about the release date of the anime or the streaming providers that will be responsible for bringing Red Cat Ramen to international audiences and local Japanese viewers.

Just how adorable and chaotic is Red Cat Ramen? The shop has a tiger named Krishna for security, and while she’s terrifyingly huge, she’s a soft and gentle cat that loves getting her hair brushed. The ramen is great, and while there is a bit of cat hair in the soup from time to time, Sabu is a great chef, and the rest of the cats are lovely waiters.

Tamako, a shy human, walks into a ramen shop solely run by cats for a job interview. After answering Head Chef Sabu honestly, Tamako gets hired to be the cats’ caretaker. Red Cat Ramen isn’t beating the “cats rule the world” theory, especially not when the only human in the cast is their dedicated groomer.

(featured image: Angyaman)

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