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We’re Giving Away Two Sets of ReBoot Season 1 & 2 DVDs


Remember ReBoot? That awesome Saturday morning cartoon show about the world within computers? You know, the one that made history because it was the first half-hour fully computer-animated television series? Remember how it was actually good, even including the horrifying series ending?

Well, if you don’t remember, or want to brush up on your ReBoot, the fine folks over at Shout! Factory supplied us with two sets of ReBoot Season 1 & 2 DVDs to give away to you, our loyal, obviously attractive readers, but there’s a catch:

The world of Mainframe was filled with physical manifestations of the bits and bobs within a computer. For instance, Bob is a Guardian, which basically translates to the system’s antivirus or maintenance tool. Ray Tracer is a fella who surfed around the Net and the Web on a floating surf board, which translates to a search engine. So, if you want to win a totally alpha numeric ReBoot Season 1 & 2 DVD set, here’s what you must do:

How to Enter to Win:

Create one character or place with a modern day computing staple and tell us how it’d fit into the world of ReBoot. What kind of person would Twitter, Facebook or Photoshop be? Would Foursquare be a villain? Would free-to-play MMOs be a slum? Would memes be fast food chains? Send us a few sentences following the above guidelines, we’ll judge using our very advanced system of metrics and submetrics, and hopefully, you’ll win!

Post your entries on our Facebook page, pray to Phong and hope for the best.

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