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Realistic Futurama Busts are Awesome, Creepy

No one is going to argue that Futurama has any illusions of being even remotely realistic. Between the energy beings, the wide cast of bizarre aliens, mutants, and anthropomorphic robots, you can’t really argue that anything in the show is trying to mirror anything remotely close to “real life” at all. That is probably why these realistic busts of Futurama characters by deviantART-ist artanis-one are so awesome and, let’s be honest, disturbing.

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Can you imagine if Zoidberg actually looked like that? It’s hard to picture him as the clown of the crew when you’re staring into the face of a realistic lobsterman. Imagine what his claws look like. “Woob woob woob” suddenly gets a little more sinister. I’m not even going to bring up Nibbler. You can see that for yourself.

(via Comedy Central Insider)



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