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Real-Life Superheroes Are Operating Underground, Internationally

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First, there were stories about a Seattle superhero operation featuring a guy who calls himself Phoenix Jones. Then, there was the truly humbling story of Birmingham, England’s Statesman, a real-life superhero whose mother likes to talk to the press about her son’s secret fight for justice. And now, more “civilian superheroes” are being spotted throughout the UK as well as Australia. As many as 16 people are roaming the streets of the UK, looking to save their fellow citizen from danger, costumed and using pseudonyms. But according to an American author researching these people for a book, they are different than the real-life superheroes in the US.

Researcher and author Tea Krulos has been investigating these real-life superheroes for a while now and has identified at least 16 of them, who use names such as Vague, Swift, Black Arrow, Lionheart and Terrorvision. But Krulos claims that the ones in America are merely seeking publicity while the ones in the UK are genuine.

“In Britain it is a very secretive underground society. They do all they can to avoid publicity and communicate online. Whole forums are set up and often they operate in groups. I have spoken extensively to The Statesman, and he takes what he does very seriously.”

While the UK heroes do their serious crimefighting, Australia has recently spotted its very own hero, Captain Australia. A middle-aged father of two children, Captain Australia can boast of preventing a sexual assault (among several other achievements), but was unsure of the laws surrounding a citizen’s arrest. So he let the bad guys go, so as not to cause further trouble. I guess you could say that Captain Australia is being “cautiously super.”

Note: The above pic is taken from the Slamdance documentary Superheroes, which follows an Orlando-based superhero organization.

(The Sun via Bleeding Cool)

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