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Real Life British Vigilante Goes Public, His Mom Shares Embarrassing Details With Press

Don't Try This At Home

A little while ago, The Sun did a feature on a local, real life, costumed vigilante calling himself the Statesman.  By night he helps arrest drug dealers, has foiled a break in, and gives aid to the homeless.  By day, we now know, he is a 26-year-old clerk at a bank branch of Santander UK named Scott Cooke.

So chalk up The Sun‘s interview with his mother under unintended consequences of going public with your secret identity.  Writers of Civil War, pay attention.

Says Mrs. Cooke, under the headline MY SUPERHERO SON IS JUST A NAUGHTY BOY:

I couldn’t believe my boy would be that brave, bless him. I’m as proud as punch. But I have told him off for going off and doing all this without confiding in his mum.

We are very close. I still do his washing although he’s a grown man, the cheeky little devil.

It was shocking to see him as a superhero. I’ve not put the outfit in the wash yet. He must wear it under his clothes when he goes out crime-fighting and launder it himself

He’s always been the kind of lad who would help other people and he’s always been mad about heroes like Superman and Spiderman. I used to worry he was geeky.

My only fear is that Scott might get knocked about by troublemakers. I know he got beaten by drug dealers a few months ago but he didn’t say a lot about it.

He was probably in his costume at the time. Walking a city centre dressed like that takes guts.

There’s an awful lot that boy has to sit down and tell me.

He can look after himself but he’s a big softie to me.

The article was even accompanied by pictures of Scoot Cooke as an adorable small child. Really.  If this was a Monty Python sketch it wouldn’t be any sillier.

Well, except that Mrs. Cooke would be played by a man in drag.  But honestly, superheroes with living mothers are few and far between.  We’re sure that Scott considers himself a lucky man.

(via Bleeding Cool.)

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