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This “Welcome Home 619” Real Estate Rap is Awkward Gold [Video]


If you live in San Diego, are thinking about moving, or just love awkward raps, then you should definitely watch this video by real estate agent Rafael A. Perez. He’d like to sell you some property, and he seems willing to go to extreme lengths to do so. We’d hate to see this kind of effort go unrewarded. Perez laid down some fat beats and slick rhymes to tell you all about how he reps the 619.

Any doubts you may have about whether Perez is a professional rapper can be put to rest. Perez says he’s not really a rapper, but his initials are R.A.P. so those are clearly the only credentials he needs. In the description of the video, he says that people have told him his business videos are “so serious” so he “changed it up.” I don’t know, Rafael, these beats seem pretty serious to me.

The video has just over 1,200 views, but I think it has potential. What it lacks in easily mimicked dance moves it makes up for in slow cross-dissolves and San Diego fun facts. I may never buy a house in San Diego, but if I’m ever in the 619 I’m absolutely calling Perez to go hit some karaoke bars.

I used to tell people my favorite rapper was Waka Flocka Flame because his name sounds like Fozzie Bear is casting a fireball spell, but I think Rafael A. Perez just took the top spot.

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