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Folks Behind Leviathan: Warships Understand the Internet, Release Second Jazzy Trailer [Video]


When the original jazzy trailer for Leviathan: Warships from Paradox Interactive dropped, I assumed that someone had convinced the marketing department to go along with what was surely a drug-fueled dream to produce…well, whatever you want to call what they made. It defies classification. Well, seems like someone at Paradox completely understands the Internet, because they’ve just released a second jazzy trailer for the game’s release that’s even better than the first.

In case you missed the first one, you really owe it to yourself to check that one out before watching this one. I’ll wait.

Okay, all good? Right then. The second jazzy trailer picks up where the last one left off and even manages to work in a bunch of terrible wordplay from the original video’s YouTube comments. That’s what I call dedication.

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