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Rajah Erasure and a Really Bad Genie? Aladdin, What Are You Doing?

One jump right outta the theaters.

Will Smith as the Genie in live-action Aladdin.

As you probably know by now, the internet has quite a lot of opinions on the new Aladdin movie, most of them not great! As I watched the newest trailer over the weekend (down below, if you can stomach it), I was reminded of all the anger I had inside while watching the Beauty and the Beast live-action movie and how Disney continues to try to make these movies, and the more they do, the more we all beg them to stop.

That being said, let’s talk about this nonsense for a minute: Aladdin still has a shirt on, Jafar, while hot, just sounds like a normal dude who has no ill will at all, and there was barely any Rajah! I will not stand for the erasure of the greatest pet in Disney history.

Twitter had quite a lot to say about the Genie, which … isn’t exactly surprising.

And they went on … and on … and on …

And trust me, those are not even the worst of them. People … maybe hate this movie? It just perpetuates the idea that Disney has to continually remake its past hits to have any kind of grounding in the modern age. That’s just bananas, seeing as Disney is behind both Star Wars and Marvel these days, so why are they using their resources to make movies that already exist and are great?

If anything, they should make new, more inclusive animated movies We clearly all still love going to watch Pixar movies, so why not just make new, 2D animated movies with fun songs, and let our faves LIVE.

Anyway, here’s the trailer. It’s bad:

Sure, we’re all going to go see it. That’s what we do. We complain, we whine, but then we go out and see it because we have to know just how bad it is, so Disney keeps making them, thinking the money is because we’re into them, not because we want to see how they destroy our childhood classics.

Disney, please stop the madness. This hurts too much. AND GIVE ME MORE RAJAH YOU COWARDS!!

(image: Disney/screengrab from YouTube)

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