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Muggle Quidditch Might Become an Official High School Sport

There's An Apparate For That

In the hearts of many Harry Potter fans, Quidditch has always been a sport. I joined my college’s Quidditch team for exactly a day, at which point I realized how thoroughly un-athletic I was and how little I knew about time management my freshman year. Still, it was a fun day, and I wish I’d stuck with it. Now, students at Keller High School are rallying for the sport, creating an officially sponsored school club which already has over 80 members, divided among four teams (can you guess the team names?).

It’s pretty much the game in the books, but with a few crucial tweaks which make it actually physically possible to perform. For example, no flying (yet). The sport’s pretty much a mixture of soccer and rugby, with bits of basketball and lacrosse thrown in. Oh, and the snitch is a person (often dressed head to toe in gold) who runs around whatever property the game is being played on until the seeker finally catches them.

Muggle Quidditch has existed at universities all over the country for years now, but the spread to official high school clubs has been slower. Now the group at Keller are trying to get it recognized by the University Interscholastic League (UIL), which would make it the 14th official high school sport. For the record, gymnastics, water polo, and lacrosse are still vying for that title, so it may be a while until Quidditch gets its chance.

To sign the petition to bring to the UIL, go here.

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