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Quadcopter Fleet Plugs Star Trek By Forming Starfleet Insignia In London Sky [Video]


While it’s a shame it’s not higher quality, I’m still amped by this video of 30 lit quadcopter robots forming a Starfleet insignia in the night sky above London, because…well, it’s that sentence. Do I really have to explain why I’m totally down with it? Yes, I know it’s a shameless publicity stunt. But considering it’s a publicity stunt for a thing I’m already totally going to spend my money on (and you know I’m not alone there) and also involves robots, I can get behind it with fairly little trouble.

The promotional event for the movie coincided with Saturday night’s Earth Hour, which was meant to encourage people to take one hour and to conserve electricity, suggesting that the folks behind it, while good at promoting things, might not be so great at getting the point of Earth Hour. Either that, or they’ve badly misunderstood the words “electricity” and “conserve.” That said, there are worse crimes than making robots take the shape of a giant, glowing Federation communicator in the sky. Sometimes, the ends justify the means.

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