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Latest Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer Features Hidden Hyperlink [Video]

Benedict “Sherlock” Cumberbatch really dislikes us — or at least our futuristic descendants — in the new Star Trek Into Darkness trailer that hit the web. You can give it a watch, and check out the slick secret poster that director J.J. Abrams and the Star Trek marketers are teasing us with, below

Cumberbatch is already scary with that deep velvety voice of his — he is going to be Smaug, after all — but now we get some more screen time of him sporting a badass longcoat, which is standard-issue for sci-fi bad guys and Blade Runner good guys, even as he scolds Starfleet for perceived crimes and tells us that he’ll walk over our “cold corpses.”

There are explosions, people falling from impossible heights that they surely can’t survive, and some punching. Exactly what you expect from every move trailer ever.


But the story doesn’t stop there. During its moment of gratuitousness, the trailer displayed a mostly-hidden link for a fraction of a second. Follow that and you’ve got the new poster.

As Sir Arthur Conan Doyle once wrote:

“Come, Watson, come! The badassery is afoot. Not a word! Into your clothes and come!”

Or something like that. Maybe.

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