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Things We Saw Today: Let Carrie-Anne Moss Play a John Wick Assassin

Neo and Trinity

Having reunited for The Matrix Resurrections, Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss are already brainstorming their next dream project together.

Speaking about her favorite role Reeves has played, Moss told People, “I love John Wick.”

“I really started to understand Keanu’s outrageous gift for telling story through his body,” she told the magazine. “And I didn’t fully understand that until I went deep into John Wick with one of my children. It was very bonding for us too. It was amazing to have that experience with my son and to watch the depth that Keanu is able to [create] with his body. It’s really an art form.”

“That’s kind. Thank you,” said Reeves—who also said his favorite role of Moss’ was Trinity in the Matrix franchise. When asked if there might be a spot for Moss in the Wick universe, he correctly said, “That would be awesome.”

“You want to play an assassin?” he asked Moss.

“I’d love it,” said Moss.

Reeves: “Really?”

Moss: “Yeah!”

Reeves: “Okay. Let’s get on that.”

Moss: “I’ll start practicing.”

Reeves: “Be careful for what you wish for. I’m on it now.”

This kind of fantasy-casting banter is common in interviews like these, but when Keanu Reeves says he’s “on it now,” I genuinely believe him. If there’s anyone that could actually make this happen, it’s him.

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