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Never Mind, Disney Fans: Push The Talking Trash Can Is No More

Also, the tooth fairy isn't real and your parents are capable of making mistakes.


Remember how we all thought that Push the Talking Trash Can had been saved by a social media campaign and wasn’t leaving Disney World for the time being (Also, remember how Disney World employs a talking trash can to entertain its patrons?) Yeah, not anymore. Disney lied. There are no happy endings and everyone you love will leave you one day.

Joe Garcia of the Orlando Sentinel, who recently spoke to a Disney representative that said Push “wasn’t going anywhere,” recently reported that just 72 hours later, Disney is officially removing the can from the Magic Kingdom.

Until now, Push has been cracking jokes and taking pictures with fans in Tomorrowland since 1995 when it was first unveiled. Rumors of its, erm, canning surfaced sometime last week and suggested that Disney was involved in a contract dispute with the puppeteer who operates it.

The resulting fervor online via the Twtter hashtag #SavePush and the Facebook page “Save Push the Talking Trash Can“, both of which appear to have been fruitless against the soulless profitmonger that is the true Disney Corporation. Oh, sure, they give us Idina Menzel-sung power ballads and feel-good cartoon snowmen, but deep down their hearts are cold and frozen in the bad way.

At least the fans haven’t completely given up yet, so perhaps this is only second act of Push’s story and the denouement is coming later. But let’s be real — it’s probably not. Life is not a Disney movie and everything is the worst.

No telling what they’ll do with the remains of this once-beloved waste receptacle, but if they’re going to go full Disney villain with it, they should probably throw him in an even bigger trash can.

(via Orlando Sentinel, image via Edward Russell)

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