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Let’s Talk About, and Rock Out to the Theme From Gummi Bears

The Human Tim is dashing and daring, courageous and caring.

Anyone who grew up in the 80’s or 90’s should know full well that the theme song for Disney’s Gummi Bears already rocks pretty hard, but that doesn’t mean The Human Tim can’t make it rock even harder. In his latest video he pounds some gummiberry juice and bounces his way through this epic tune. Enjoy! We sure did.

Tim told us in an email that he’s gotten a number of requests for this song from fans of his YouTube channel, and we can see why. The music from the original Disney Afternoon lineup was exceptional. Besides Gummi Bears it also gave us DucktalesChip and Dale’s Rescue RangersTalespin, and more. There was even an official soundtrack album put out. If you happen to have a copy, why not pop it in and relive your childhood for a bit? We highly recommend the song “Monkey in Your Tank” from Tale Spin.

If you don’t have a copy… good luck getting one. It looks like they’re going for $149.99 on Amazon right now, and we couldn’t find any on eBay. Rhapsody has the main title themes, but not the whole album. Your best bet might be digging around YouTube, or maybe just wait for Human Tim to cover the whole album. He’s already done Ducktales and Darkwing Duck. Given enough time he’ll probably get to the rest.

And seriously, the theme from Gummi Bears was already pretty great.

(via The Human Tim, cover image via Disney’s Gummi Bears)

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