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An Evil Monster Army Like You’ve Never Seen Before [Video]

Bloody Good Fun

Arrow in the Head is featuring the DVD release of a new horror movie, an homage to the horror genre of the 1980s about teenagers, evil Nazis, murder … and starring puppets. Oh, puppets are too fuzzy wuzzy to be scary, huh? Have you seen Meet the Feebles? One of Peter Jackson‘s early movies about the darker world of puppets? Believe it — puppets are deadly. And The Puppet Monster Massacre is only going to prove it even further.

In this straight-to-DVD release (available July 26) “horror/comedy” written and directed by Dustin Mills, a group of teenagers — all played by puppets — are challenged to stay in a creepy mansion owned by a Frankenstein-like character Dr. Wolfgang Wagner, who is building an army of 400 evil soldiers in his basement. Billed as “the low budget film you’ve been waiting for,” this definitely appears to be in the same vein as Feebles. (Or maybe even the Velocipastor.) Here is the poster:

These are the best kinds of horror movies: the funny ones. Funny and weird, and if it’s legitimately scary, even better. Even more better: taking something cute and making it terrifying. This kind of combination is what makes a cult hit that tiny pockets of people use as a “secret handshake” amongst themselves. And we wish Dustin Mills and his crew the same kind of success.

(Arrow in the Head)

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